How did you two meet? +

See Our Story for a fuller description, but Ryan and Craig met in the improv comedy scene in Los Angeles in 2014. They worked on a web series together that Ryan wrote and starred in and Craig shot and edited.

How can we send you a book/ get a shout-out? +

We launched the Very Special Book Loan Program in Summer 2018 and it was an instant success. We quickly received dozens of books and started giving shout-outs right away. Due to overwhelming demand we have to close submissions from time to time so that we can catch up. But! Pay attention to our social media pages and website blog for announcements on the programs open/closed status.

The Very Special Book Loan Program works like this:

  • Send us an email at lagodtovey@gmail.com and tell us what book you’d like to send. (Limit one book per family or classroom.)
  • If the program is open we’ll send you back an email with our mailing address and instructions.
  • Send us your book, a self-addressed stamped envelope, and shout-out information.
  • We’ll read the book, give you a shout-out, sign it and mail it back to you!
  • Everyone rejoices and high fives for eternity.

Can you Skype or Facetime our class? +

Technically, yes. We have the technology and the know-how. But we reserve 1-on-1 read alouds with classes and families for giveaways on social media. So, follow us and subscribe and you could win the chance to meet us face-to-face… er, camera-to-camera!

Can you come read live at our school/ bookstore/ library? +

We’d love to! This is something we’ve done little of so far, but want to do lots more of moving forward.

  • Scheduling - Start by emailing us at lagodtovey@gmail.com and tell us when/where you’d like us to visit and we can coordinate on timing and other details.
  • Cost - Yes, there is a cost associated and it depends on the type and length of appearance. We'll reply to your email with information on our booking fees.

I’m an author, will you read my book? +

Not… right now. Presently we are not reading books from new, up-and-coming authors, but hope to eventually because we believe the next children's classic is always out there waiting to be discovered! As a new show that is still fairly obscure, we rely on the popularity of existing titles to drive engagement on our social media platforms and help us be discovered by new viewers. We’ve read works by up-and-coming authors in the past and just saw too big a drop in views. These numbers (subscribers, followers, likes, views) are essential in helping us reach our next goal of a network TV show! So we are flattered by the offer, believe in what you’re doing, and appreciate you being patient while we grow. One day we want to be the show to give a new author their big break!

Do you get permission to read the books? +

We attempt, as often as time permits, to contact authors and publishers to obtain permission to read their books because we believe this is the best path. However, we have not let that course of action limite our read alouds. We believe that our show is covered by the fair use doctrine:

  • “Fair Use” is a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works in certain circumstances. Section 107 of the Copyright Act provides the statutory framework for determining whether something is a fair use and identifies certain types of uses—such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.
  • First, our show is non-profit, in that our videos are free; we don’t charge you to view them. Second, our read alouds are for educational purposes and to promote early literacy and love for reading. And third, our read alouds also constitute a transformative use in that we add commentary, improvised song, and original voices to the work as a whole.
  • However, we do not retain a lawyer, so on the rare occasion when a publisher or author flags our video for copyright reasons, we do not contest it and the video is taken down.